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Don't take my word for it, take theirs.....

Gianna M.

“Dr. David has been a LIFE SAVER for me.  Throughout the years I have experienced periodic back pain issues during time of extreme stress.   Only with Dr. David's help have I found a way to heal this.  He really takes the time to do a comprehensive overview of patients.  Also, he has used several different modalities to address my back misalignment.   Additionally, the atmosphere of the office is a sanctuary for relaxation, its interior design incorporates soothing crystals, shapes and colors to aid in relaxation and supercharge the healing process.  Highly recommend his services to anyone and everyone!.

Maureen P. 

Dr. DePalma and staff always make me feel welcomed. I have several issues with my back due to my large chest size. He not only makes me feel relief, but also lighter overall. In addition, he provided me with exercises to perform at home. This has been beneficial to me and it makes me trust him because he is not "Pushing" me to come in 3x a week. He doesn't sell you or pressure you. He does, however, outline a health plan for decreasing pain and increasing mobility and happiness.

John J.

"Doctor Dave" and his associate Daniella run a warm, friendly, and professional wellness business. They promoted an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort while providing me with essential chiropractic services. Dr Dave was straightforward in his explanations and very open to my input and needs. Has a fantastic "bedside manner." Highly, highly recommend this healthcare provider.

Nancy B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Dave for over 10 years. Besides keeping me in alignment as I age he has helped me with several issues with my knees and hips and most recently my back. He listens and does a good evaluation to determine the best course of treatment, not only using adjustments but heat, tens treatments, ultrasound and massage.

So happy that Dr Dave is back in the Red Bank area and I can now make chiropractic care part of my regular health care

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