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Get pain relief, improve posture, strength, flexibility and body performance....

The Thompson Drop Table technique relieves pain by restoring the nerve function.

The patient may report improved sleep cycles, reduced stress, and an increase in body function. The procedure provides improved posture, strength, flexibility, and body performance.

The Thompson Technique includes a system of analysis that checks leg length to determine where in the spine misalignments exist. After adjusting, we’ll re-check the legs to confirm the lengths are now equal—which shows alignment has been restored. The table is segmented, with individual areas that drop when the thrust is administered. Because the segments give way, gravity assists the adjustments, which requires less energy to move the spinal segment. The result is a gentler manual adjustment.

The table reduces the force necessary to move the bones, it’s a safe alternative for patients who don’t tolerate traditional manual adjustments well. In addition, the table can be set to provide effective adjustments for patients of all ages. Even patients with osteoporosis can enjoy the benefits ochiropractic adjustments through this technique, which doesn’t apply as much force to the bones as other manual techniques.

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