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Most people say "You live only once". The truth is, "You live everyday". You die only once.

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The same holds true for your body. We are all given one body. How well do you take care of it? Most people do not give it the TLC it needs and are not aware of the stress and toll their body takes on/holds on too but also the neglect of not taken care of it.

Mental, emotional, physical, chemical, environmental, processed food, food allergies and inflammation, daily living, work related and personal stress contribute to disease, discomfort, aches and pains.

How many of us wake up each morningflying out of the house in a rush, making a mental check list stressing what we have to do, grabbing a cup of coffee on the way out, no time to eat, have to walk the dog, drop the kids off, don't want to be late for work...the lists goes on and on...

The goal in Chiropractic Care is to eliminate as much stress as possible so your body can do what it was designed to do…heal itself.

Eliminate stress and start replacing it with positive things in your life... Easier said than done.

Start by waking up each morning taking a few minutes for your self, be in the moment, maybe meditate and/or do some breathwork, spend a few minutes outside, get fresh air and sunshine, get some form of physical exercise or movement, walk the dog, take a walk around the block, take the time to make a healthy meal, take supplements. Your down time do the same thing. Before you go to bed, write in a journal, note/focus on positive things that happened that day, read, light a candle, say a prayer. Have a daily ritual before going to bed to help you unwind, relax and prepare for a restful night of sleep.

The good news is, its never too late to take control of your body and life and

start living a again as a new improved healthier you with Chiropractic care....

Ask me how.

Dr. Dave and Rocky

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