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Some like it hot. Some like it cold.

Cryoderm Therapy gel pain reliever comes in COLD gel or HEAT.

Cryoderm is one of many products we stand by and use on our patients and have great results with.

Both available for purchase. Ask for a sample after your adjustment.

CRYODERM® cryotherapy products provide fast-acting, deep-penetrating, long-lasting pain-relieving therapy gel in cold and heat form.

Clinically proven CRYODERM® is ideal for soft tissue injuries, muscle strains, sprained ligaments, neurological conditions, arthritic bone and joint conditions, tendonitis, neuritis, bursitis, neuropathy, neuromas, and plantar fasciitis. We carefully formulated this powerhouse pain reliever with revolutionary all-natural ingredients such as arnica (to reduce swelling), boswellia (for anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic actions), eucalyptus (for its warming properties and anti-bacterial capabilities), ilex ( to loosen joints and reduce swelling), menthol (to activate peripheral cold receptors), MSM (an essential healthy tissue found in joints), peppermint oil (for its anesthetic properties, purified water and SD-Alcohol 39-C (a natural distilled grain alcohol – for external use only).

CRYODERM® Heat warming lotion provides the fast-acting, deep-penetrating, pain-relieving warmth you’ve been searching for. Great for muscle soreness, sprains and strains, bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, and joint pain. Menthol, camphor, capsaicin, and other natural ingredients such as aloe barbadensis, arnica, boswellia, green tea extract, ilex, MSM, tocopheryl acetate, yucca aloifolia, and natural denatured grain alcohol combine to create the most-efficacious topical heat therapy on the medical market today. CRYODERM® Heat Therapy is extremely effective when used in place of massage creams and oils for myofascial release, trigger point therapy, transverse friction and deep tissue massage.

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