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What is that cracking and popping noise I hear during my chiropractic adjustment.

The cracking and popping sound heard during a chiropractic adjustment is a combination of gas and pressure being released as the facet joints in the spine align. Pain blocking feel-good chemicals are released which facilitates healing and injury recovery while increasing ranges of motion in stiff and tight joints.

A very common misconception is Chiropractors crack backs and bones. We do NOT crack backs or bones. We help to create space and movement within a joint. A joint is a fluid-filled, pressurized, connective tissue capsule that connects bones together and allows for movement in different directions.

There are different types of joints with different structures and functions – some of which have more movement than others, and some that are more likely to become restricted and pain producing.

When a Chiropractor administers an adjustment, they’re applying a controlled, high velocity (read: quick) low amplitude (shallow) force to the desired joint. This force is sufficient to gap the joint, which creates enough space within the joint capsule to form the bubble that creates the cracking sound you may hear.

Benefits of an chiropractic adjustment:

– Improved range of motion

– Decreased pain intensity

– Decreased feeling of stress and tension

– Improved balance and proprioception (sense that lets us perceive the location,

movement and action parts of the body)

– Temporary release of dopamine (the happy hormone)

Call us to schedule your appointment to start living a better and healthier quality of life today.

Your journey to holistic care aligning your spine and balancing your body in natural harmony.

Dr. David J. DePalma, Chiropractor and Owner

CHIROPRACTIC WELLNESS | 212 Maple Ave Red Bank NJ 07701 | Tel. 732.358.6509



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