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Your journey to holistic care,

aligning your spine and balancing your body

in natural harmony.

Our logo SUCCULENT brings physical and emotional healing, protection, and warding off negative energies.

Meet the Team

A holistic chiropractor looks at your body as a whole system and takes the approach that an issue in one organ can lead to issues in another organ. The goal of this holistic therapy is to create balance and harmony in the body so you can stay healthy and perform at your best.

Chiropractors recognize that physical, chemical, and emotional stress contribute to disease.   The goal is to eliminate as much stress as possible so your body can do what it was designed to do…heal itself.

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Dr. Daniel David Palmer, DC

Founder of Chiropractic


Get to Know Us

Dr. David J. DePalma + Chiropractic Wellness are a small family-owned business run by a dedicated husband-and-wife team, their mission is clear - Your overall well-being is our overall well-being. Dr. DePalma, has over 18 years of experience as a chiropractor and business owner, bringing a wealth of knowledge, and genuine passion for holistic health to my practice. A background as a former bodybuilder, powerlifting competitor, and health food store owner has shaped my approach to patient care, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness. Walking into the reception area, you are immediately greeted by a sense of serenity soft music, calming scents of essential oils, healing crystals, carefully curated artwork all designed to create a peaceful environment tailored to your well-being. Their personalized care involves offers a comprehensive range of chiropractic care, tailored to getting you out of pain andor discomfort restoring your body's natural balance and vitality with one-on-one attention, tailored treatment plans, and a focus on educating patients about their bodies and the healing process. Together, they work towards aligning your spine, balancing your body, and promoting natural harmony for optimal health and performance.


 Ready to start my Chiropractic care,  improving my health and overall wellness.


The next steps to aligning my spine and balancing my body naturally.


Committed to keeping my body in a healthy state and functioning at its optimal level.


Articles about Chiropractic health and overall wellness.
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