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Instant Serenity: Experience Five Minutes of Pure Relaxation  

Enjoy a COMPLIMENTARY 5 minute relaxation and stress release session AFTER EACH ADJUSTMENT to melt away neck and shoulder tension, easing pressure off your spine with an orthopedic pillow under  your knees, relieving stress with a warming eye massager with oscillating pressure points and relaxation music.  Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. 


We accept insurance. Your deductible must be met. All insurance must be verified for coverage. 



Make sure you drink plenty of water and add a few grains of Himalayan Pink Salt.  Himalayan salt is high in minerals which helps discs and muscle by enabling water to be drawn into the cell and will help flush out toxins and provide nourishment to vertebral discs. This keeps the spine flexible.
Do not eat a heavy meal before your appointment.   Eating a heavy meal disrupts the efficiency of the treatments for chiropractic patients.  Eat a light meal or snack an hour or two before your appointment.  Eating prevents your blood pressure from getting low. Patients with low blood pressure often report more sensitivity during their appointments and may even begin to feel faint.  Chiropractors recommend that you eat something high in protein for the best results.
Wear loose comfortable clothing, remove jackets, belt and shoes, shut off cellphone and remove from your body for the best chiropractic experience and adjustment.


Stay hydrated drink water with Himalayan Pink Salt. Water can help flush toxins out of your body more quickly by pushing them through your bloodstream and to your bladder.
Movement is great for post-spinal adjustment care, strenuous activities and explosive movements are harmful. Avoid exercises that include jumping or lifting heavy weights such as boxing, weightlifting, or contact sports. You want your body to rest and recover before returning to vigorous exercises.
Take a nap and resting your body after a chiropractic adjustment is critical.
Eat a healthy meal giving your body the nutrients it needs helps to replenish and repair you faster. Eating unhealthy foods can promote inflammation in the body which might actually increase pain.

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