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Come and experience CHIROPRACTIC WELLNESS'S beautiful new offices and a Chiropractic experience like no other...

Updated: Jan 29

Upon entering our offices you will no longer feel you are in a doctor's office, but a tranquil, meditative, peaceful reception area with sounds of soft relaxation music playing in the background, to the smell of essential oils emanating in the air, energy from our healing crystals for your spine, body, soul and mind and the carefully selected health and wellness artwork, magazines and products with YOU in mind.

To complete your Chiropractic Wellness experience, enjoy a complimentary 10 minute session on our Neck and Shoulder pillow relaxer to relieve stress and tension along with our RENPHO Eye Massager giving you the perfect combination of heat, vibration, and relaxation music.

Chiropractic Neck and Shoulder Pillow BENEFITS:

  • Alleviates Neck and Shoulder Pain + Muscle Stiffness

  • Helps Herniated Discs

  • Support for Spinal Alignment

  • Corrects Posture

  • Improves Sleep

  • Enhanced Comfort and Relaxation


  • Compression oscillating motion around 10 acupressure

  • Reduce Eye Puffiness

  • Fight Against Dry Eye

  • Relax the Mind

  • Prevent Eye Fatigue

Dr. DePalma has been a Chiropractor and business owner for over 18 years, has a love and passion for Chiropratic, the human body, and its ability to heal itself. He is a former body builder and powerlifter competitor, manager of a health food store, has a background in coaching, nutrition, vitamin supplementation, diet and exercise, and a broad understanding of the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the human body. He is a big believer in patient education and understanding your body, the treatments, modalities and therapies used to treat it.

Your well-being, is our well-being.

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